Bahrain Dental GP Exam 2024

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400 new MCQ for GP dentists for NHRA Exam – Bahrain


Bahrain Dental GP Exam Materials

consisting of :

– 5 Chapters , Each chapter contains 1000 new MCQ for GP dentists for NHRA Exam – Bahrain (ministry of health ) include (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Orthodontics ,Periodontics, Prosthodontics … etc . ( All dental specialitis ) updated weekly.

– The last 30 newest exams for NHRA Dental Exam ( 3000 Questions). each exam with 100 MCQ

– Do not miss ! weekly updated questions,
– All questions are corrected by specialist doctor
– All questions are repeated ! with 70-80 % repeated questions.
– No need to study other sources !
– Enough to pass easily


Questions Samples :

Question 1
Acute periapical abscess is characterized by:
a. Varying degree of pain
b. Varying degree of swelling
c. Some time not shown on the radiograph
d. All the above ***

Question 2
When the x-ray tube is operated above 50 KUP, the x-ray source skin distance must not be less than:
a. 4 inches
b. 7 inches ***
c. 12 inches
d. 16 inches

Question 3
For the preparation of the rest seat the marginal ridge of a molar tooth is reduced by 2 mm to achieve the correct depth of the rest seat. The marginal ridge is then rounded in order to:
a. Reduce the chances of fracture of the metal seat ***
b. Decrease food impaction
c. For the better distribution of the vertical load
d. Better class retention

Question 4
Stensen’s duct is opposite to:
a. Maxilary premolar
b. Maxilary 1 st molar
c. Maxilary 2nd molar ***
d. Mandibular 1 st mo

Question 5
The density or the overall darkening of a radiograph depends on all except:
a. Thickness of the object
b. Quality and quantity of x-rays
c. Cone angulation ***
d. Velocity of electrons emitted from the cathode

Question 6
2nd maxillary premolar contact area:
a. Middle of the middle third with buccal embrasure wider than lingual embrasure.
b. Middle of the middle third with lingual embrasure wider than buccal embrasure. ***
c. Cervical to the incisal third
d. None of the above

Question 7
A 60 years old patient wants complete denture. but he has thick labial frenum with wide base. What operation you will do ?
a. Vestibuloplasty ***
b. Z-plasty
c. Subperiostumincision
d. Deep mucoperiostumincision

Question 8
Patient with hypertension and want make denture 145/100 what will you sees?
A-mucosal change***
b-dry mouth
d-fungal infection


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