DHA GP Exam 2022

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DHA GP Exam 2022 for those preparing for DHA Exam – Dubai (Dubai Health Authority) for general practitioner.



DHA GP Exam Materials 2022

(8000 MCQs with explanations)

Is an huge study materials more than 8000 new MCQs (with explanation for each question) for those preparing for DHA Exam – Dubai (Dubai Health Authority) for general practitioner include all of the following :

– Cardiology system
– respiratory System
– GIT System
– Neurology system
– Nephrology system
– endocrine system
– Rheumatology system
– Psychiatry
– Dermatology
– Pediatric Section
– Obs. and Gynecology section
– General Surgery Section
– Ophthalmology
– Orthopedic
– Family Medicine Section
– Preventive Medicine

-The last new 30 exams (3000 new MCQs).

– Do Not miss ! weekly updated questions,
– All questions are corrected by specialist doctor
– No need to study other sources !
– Enough to pass easily
– The materials are suitable for DHA exam only !! be ware !
– 100 % success rate
– 70-80 % repeated questions


Qustions Samples :

Question 1
A study done to study relation between OCP usage and DVT, 1500 had DVT, 8500 as control group no DVT. 20 had DVT from those used OCP and 50 had DVT from control group.
Calculate morbidity rate in 1000 population:
A- incidence rate is 15
B- prevalence is 150
C- Incidence rate is 150
D- prevalence rate is 15
Answer is:- B

Question 2
Child with 41°c fever dehydration and others management
A- admit to hospital for fuild
B give fluidsa and discharge
C- admit hospital for iv fluid, and emperic antibiotics **
D- discharge on antibiotics after giving fluids

Question 3
What is the treatment of an intraductal papilloma?
a) Ductectomy
b) Mastectomy
c) Bromocriptine
d) No treatment
The correct answer is A

Question 4
A 45-year-old woman is referred to your office for a Pap smear that is suspicious for malignancy. The cervix appears grossly normal on speculum exam. The next most appropriate procedure is:
a) Radical hysterectomy
b) Simple hysterectomy
c) Cervical cone biopsy
d) Cryotherapy of the cervix
e) Colposcopic directed biopsy
The correct answer is E


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