Oman Pharmacy Exam 2025

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4000 new MCQs For those planning to examine Prometric Pharmacy Oman Exam.


Prometric Pharmacy Oman Exam 2025

8 Chapters Materials

4000 Solved MCQ

For those planning to examine Prometric Pharmacy Oman Exam:

• OMSB Exam – Oman (Oman Medical Specialty Board)

Consisting of : – 8 Chapters , every chapter contains 500 new MCQ for Pharmcy Oman exam updated weekly.

– Do Not miss ! weekly updated questions,
– All questions are corrected by specialist doctor
– All questions are repeated ! with 80-90 % repeated questions.
– No need to study other sources ! – Enough to pass easily.


Questions Samples:

Question 1
Which of the following is contraindicated in pregnancy
a- Sucralfate
b- Ethambutol
c- Chloropheneramine
d- Ciprofloxacin **
e- Amoxicillin

Question 2
Bioavailability of the drug is
a- Rate of absorption
b- Extent of absorption
c- Rate & Extent of absorption **
d- Rate & extent of distribution
e- None of the above

Question 3
Example of drug induced hepatoxicity
a- Paracetamol **
b- Ketoconazole
c- Rifampicin
d- Quinidine
e- All of them

Question 4
Terbinafine is used topical for
a- Eczema
b- Fungal infection
c- Candida
d- All of them
e- None them

Question 5
Which of the following is not contraindicated in pregnancy
a- Enalapril
b- Captopril **
c- Propranolol
d- Nitroprusside
e- Methyl dopa

Question 6
Pneumocysis carini pneumonia (P.C.P)
a- Virus
b- Bacteria
c- Parasite
d- Mycobacteria
e- Helminthes **

Question 7
90- Which one of these is not antibiotic
a- Erythromycin
b- Cefaprozil
c- Sulphamefinide **
d- Levofloxacin
e- Finasteride


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