Saudi Dermatology Materials 2024

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7000 New MCQs with explanations


Enough to pass exam

Valid for 3 months


7000 New MCQs with explanations

Enough to pass exam


Valid for 3 months


Questions samples :


Question 1

Hemangioma best described as

o aabnormal vascular development and proliferation

o Benigin non proliferative condition **

o Enotheilial proliferation

o Affection of the veins, capillaries



Question 2

A 56 year-old man presents with blue-gray discoloration on his face, ears, and dorsal hands. What is the most likely offending agent?

o Minocycline

o Amiodarone **

o Chloroquine

o Clofazimine


Question 3

Steroid topical more potent

o Clobetazole propionate **

o Betamethazone dipropronate

o Clobetasole diproponate



Question 4

6 year boy, 3-day he has multiple yellow, crusted erosions on the cheeks, chin, and upper extremities .the rest is normal. Treatment for this condition ?

o Oral acyclovir

o Oral cephalexin **

o Topical ketoconazole

o Topical 2% hydrocortisone


Question 5

The wave length of UVA2 is

o 320-340 **

o 340-380

o 340-400

o 380-420


Question 6

Site to detect minimal erythematous dose

o Face

o Abdomen **

o Leg

o Neck

o Arm&dorsum of the hand


5 reviews for Saudi Dermatology Materials 2024

  1. Noor abdulla

    مصدر مفيد كتير اوي
    شكرا لكم

  2. Mohammed ali khan

    Wounderful 9000 MCQS
    Really the best source I have seen
    I bought it was so bad materials and not real questions.
    After that I bought your materials it is good source and all exams were real.
    Repeated 66 MCQs in my exam. That was excellent.. about 11 mcqs is also repeated with different scenario but I saw them from this source

    So all repeated questions were 77 MCQs

    I d like to thank you for your kind help and good follow up for problem facing us

    Dr. M. khan

  3. Mohammed Qasim

    Thanks for help

  4. د علي موسى

    انا محظوظ جدا لاني لقيت هذا المصدر ساعدني في اجتياز الامتحان بسهولة ..

    كل الشكر والثناء لكم

  5. Younis hassan


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