Saudi Orthopedic Exam 2023

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Saudi Person View Orthopedic exam preparation materials 2023

4000 MCQs updated


Saudi Person View Orthopedic exam preparation materials

4000 MCQs updated

Samples :

Question 1

Radiological signs characteristic of perthes disease are:
a. Increase density of the epiphysis.
b. Fragmentation of the epiphysis.
c. Head is flat in shape.
d. Osteoarthritis.
e. Dislocation of the head of the hip joint.

f. All of the above  **


Question 2

Ladder step deformity characteristic of fracture clavicle
a. Medial fragment is displaced downward below lateral
b. Lateral fragment is displaced foreword while medial is
displaced backward.
c. Dislocation of sternoclavicular joint gives ladder step
deformity. **
d. Dislocation of acromio-clavicular joint.
e. Lateral fragment is displaced downward and foreword
by weight of the upper limb while medial fragment is
displaced upward and


Question 3

Treatment of T.B arthritis of the knee include:
a. Antituberculous treatment with polyvitamins.
b. Rest in bed with immobilization of the knee in a splint
for 3-6 months.
c. If x-ray is normal after 3 ms we start active movements.
d. If x-ray shows bone destruction, we continue
immobilization for 3-6 months again.
e. Arthrodesis by Charnley’s intra-articular compression is
done at age of 16 years,
f. Artificial knee prosthesis may be used recently.

g. All **


Question 4

Characteristic features of acute compartment syndrome
in the lower leg include
a. gross swelling
b. normal pulses **
c. normal sensation distally
d. acute pain on employing the stretch test
e. venous occlusion


Question 5
Old age with painful hip, increased with walking & associated with morning stiffness, so the diagnosis is ?
a) Osteoporosis.
b) Osteoarthritis **
c) RA
d) septic arthritis


Question 6
Old age with…., & spine x-ray showed ankylosing spondylopathy, what is the management?
a) Injection of subdural steroid.
b) Back splint.
c) Physiotherapy **
d) analgesia



Question 7
The commonest nerve injury associated with humours fracture is:
a) Radial nerve **
b) Ulnar
c) Musculocutaneous
d) Axillary
e) Median


Question  8
Adult with osteoporosis, what is the treatment?
a) Ca & folic acid **
b) zinc
c) potassium
d) water


Question 9
Pseud-gout is :
a) CACO3 **
b) CACL3
c) both
d) None of the above


Question 10
Old male complaining of right hip pain on walking the pain increased at the end of day when he wake up in morning he complaining of joint pain and stiffness
a) Osteoarthritis **
b) Ostiomylitis
c) Osteoprosis
d) SLE


Question 11
The most common fracture in osteoporosis :
a) Colles fracture (if prior 75 y)
b) Fracture neck of femur
c) Shaft of femur
d) Hip fracture (if over 75 y) **



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