DHA Pharmacy Exam 2022

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4000 new MCQs for those planning to examine Prometric Pharmcy Dubai Exam:

• DHA Exam – Dubai (Dubai Health Authority)
• DHCC Exam – Dubai (Dubai Healthcare City Authority)


Prometric Pharmcy Dubai Exam 2022

8 Chapters Materials

4000 Solved MCQs

For those planning to examine Prometric Pharmcy Dubai Exam:

• DHA Exam – Dubai (Dubai Health Authority)
• DHCC Exam – Dubai (Dubai Healthcare City Authority)

Consisting of : – 8 Chapters , every chapter contains 500 new MCQ for Pharmcy Dubai exam updated weekly.

– Do Not miss ! weekly updated questions,
– All questions are corrected by specialist doctor
– All questions are repeated ! with 70-80 % repeated questions.
– No need to study other sources !
– Enough to pass easily.


Questions Samples :


1- All these drug are anti bacterial except

a- Lomefloxacin

b- Cefeprazone

c- Amoxicillin

d- Streptomycin

e- Zalacitabine **



2- All these are natural estrogen except

a- Mestranol **

b- Estrone

c- Estriol

d- Estradiol

e- None of them



3- Co trimoxazole contains

a- Trimethoprime and Sulphamethoxazole  **

b- Trimethoprime and Sulphadiazine

c- Trimethoprime and Sulphonyl urea

d- Trimethoprime and Sulphauracil

e- Trimethoprime and salbutamol



4- Which of the following has vasodilator effect :

a- Nicotine **

b- Cholestramine

c- Urokinase

d- Vitamine A

e- Calcium



5- One of the following is not for epilepsy

a- Clonazepam

b- Phenytoin

c- Primidone

d- Imipramine **

e- Depakine



6- One of the following is not from quinolone group

a- Naldixic acid

b- enoxacin

c- quinine **

d- norfloxacin

e- ciprofloxacin



7- one of the following should be avoided in pregnancy

a- vitamin A

b- calcium

c- misoprostol ( cytotic ) **

d- paracetamol

e- ampicillin



8- All of these can be used for treatment of leprosy except

a- Dapson

b- Rifampin

c- Clofazinine

d- INH **

e- None of the above



9- Sumatriptan is used for

a- Hypertension

b- Treatment of migraine **

c- Angina pectoris

d- Control epilepsy

e- Epilepsy



10- Which of the following is enzyme inducer

a- Rifampicin **

b- Cimetidine

c- Chloramphinicol

d- Vit C

e- Omeprazle



11- All of the following for prophylaxis of asthma except

a- Ketotifen

b- Nedocromil sodium

c- Sodium cromoglycate

d- Salbutamol **

e- None of the above



12- All of the following is NSAH ( non sedating antihistaminic ) except

a- Loratidine

b- Cetrizine

c- Astemizol

d- Azatadine **

e- None of the above



13- All of the following are controlled drugs except

a- Rivotril

b- Epanutin **

c- Stesolid

d- Diazepam

e- None of the above



14- All these drugs are anti viral except

a- Amantadine

b- Zidovudine

c- Acyclovir

d- Alurin **

e- Gancyclovir



15- Which of the following symptoms does not occur with morphine

a- Diarrhea  **

b- Vomiting

c- Constipation

d- Respiratory depression

e- Addiction


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