Oman GP Exam 2024

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5500 new MCQs Oman GP Exam 2024 for those preparing for OMSB Exam – Oman (Oman Medical Specialty Board) for general practitioner.


Oman GP Exam Materials 2024

(8000 MCQs with explanations)

Is an huge study materials more than 8000 new MCQs (with explanation for each question) for those preparing for OMSB Exam – Oman (Oman Medical Specialty Board) for general practitioner include all of the following :

– Cardiology system
– respiratory System
– GIT System
– Neurology system
– Nephrology system
– endocrine system
– Rheumatology system
– Psychiatry
– Dermatology
– Pediatric Section
– Obs. and Gynecology section
– General Surgery Section
– Ophthalmology
– Orthopedic
– Family Medicine Section
– Preventive Medicine

-The last new 30 exams (3000 new MCQs).

– Do Not miss ! weekly updated questions,
– All questions are corrected by specialist doctor
– No need to study other sources !
– Enough to pass easily
– The materials are suitable for OMSB exam only !! be ware !
– 100 % success rate
– 70-80 % repeated questions


Question 1
A 61-year-old man is admitted with central crushing chest pain to the Emergency Department. An ECG taken immediately on arrival shows ST-elevation in leads II, III and aVF. His only past medicalhistory of note is hypertension for which he takes ramipril, aspirin and simvastatin. What is the
optimum management of this patient?
(LMWH = low-molecular weight heparin)
A. Aspirin + clopidogrel + LMWH + repeat ECG in 20 minutes
B. Clopidogrel + LMWH + alteplase
C. Aspirin + clopidogrel + LMWH + tenecteplase
D. Aspirin + clopidogrel + LMWH + alteplase
E. Aspirin + clopidogrel + IV heparin + immediate percutaneous coronary
Intervention **

Question 2
A 27-year-old man comes to the office because of a week history of right knee pain. He says he jogs 3 miles a day and that the pain in his knee worsens during his run. On physical examination his gait appears to be normal. Examination of the right knee reveals tenderness and fullness over the medial collateral ligament. On physical examination there is most likely to be:
a) Increased anterior laxity with anterior pressure on the tibia
b) Increased posterior laxity with posterior pressure on the tibia
c) Pain on compression of the patella against the femur
d) Pain during forceful abduction of the knee
e) A painful clicking sensation with inward rotation of the foot and extension of the knee
The correct answer is d)

Question 3

A 9-year-old boy is brought to the pediatric clinic by his mother, who noticed that the lef side of his mouth has started to droop over the past several days. In addition, he is unable to close his left eye completely and says that it is burning. Review of systems reveals a cold approximately two weeks ago and recent decreased taste sensation. There is left eye ptosis and mild erythema of the left conjunctiva. His smile is asymmetrical on the left. Which of the following infections is most closely associated with this patient’s condition?
a) Epstein-Barr Virus **
b) Group A Streptococcus
c) Human Immunodeficiency Virus
d) Influenza
e) Measles

Question 4
A study aims at exploring the association of high fat intake and prostatic cancer., Group 1 has prostatic cancer (1000) patients with 50 high fat intake, group 2 doesn’t have cancer (1000) pt with 10 high fat intake:-
A- OR 0.52
B- OR 5.2 **
C- RR 0.52
D- RR 5.2

Question 5
A Nissen fundoplication was carried out on a patient with a hiatal hernia. During the operation, the surgeon accidently injures the posterior vagal nerve. What organ will be affected?
A- Esophagus **
B- Jejunum
C- Duodenum
D- Colon

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