Saudi Pedodontic Materials 2024

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4000 new MCQs

Updated 2024



4000 new MCQs

Updated 2024



Questions samples :

Question 1

In primary teeth, pathologic changes in radiographs are always seen in:

A. Periapical area.

B. Furcation area. ***

C. Alveolar crest.

D. At base of developing teeth.


Question 2

Pulpitis in deciduous teeth in radiograph see related to:

A. Furcation. ***

B. Apex of root.

C. lateral to root.



Question 3

In deciduous tooth the first radiographic changes will be seen in:

1. Bifurcation area.

2. Apical area.

3. External root resorption. ***



Question 4

Eruption cyst “Eruption Hematoma” can be treated by:

1. No treatment. ***

2. Immediate incision.

3. Complete uncoverage.

4. Observe for one week then incise.


No treatment is needed because the tooth erupt through the lesion.



Question 5

After trauma a tooth become yellowish in color, this is due to:

1. Necrotic pulp.

2. Irreversible pulpitis.

3. Pulp is partially or completely obliterated. ***

4. Hemorrhage in the pulp.


A yellowish discoloration of the crown is often a Manifestation of Calcific metamorphosis.



Question 6

Pain during injection of local anesthesia in children could be minimized by:

1. Slowly injection.

2. Talking to the child during injection.

3. Using long needle.

4. A and B. ***



Question 7

Formicrisol when used should be:

1. Full Saturated.

2. Half saturated.

3. Fifth saturated. ***

4. None of the above.



Question 8

Space loose occur in:

1. Proximal caries.

2. Early extraction.

3. Ankylosis.

4. All of the above. ***



Question 9

Polyvinyl silicon compared with polysulfide:

1. Can be poured more than once.

2. Can be poured after 7 days.

3. Less dimensional stability.

4. A and B. ***



Question 10

The most accurate impression material for making impression of an oral cavity is:

1. Impression compound.

2. Condensation type silicon.

3. Polyvinyl silicon’s. ***

4. Poly sulfide.


The addition silicones are the best choice of the rubber impression materials. Addition curing silicones have the least amount of shrinkage on setting making them the most accurate class of rubber impression material. The poly(vinylsiloxanes) are characterized by excellent dimensional accuracy and long-term dimensional stability.

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